Workforce Management Platform Ubeya Raises $3.5 Million In Funding

Workforce Management Platform Ubeya Raises $3.5 Million In Funding

by NeoTech Post

Ubeya, a workforce management platform, raised $3.5 million in a funding round, led by Israel Cleantech Ventures (ICV) and joined by Cornerstone.

Existing investor Magma VC also participated in the funding round, bringing the company’s total raised to date to $5 million.

The Ubeya platform is currently used by businesses, including event venues, catering companies, hospitality organizations, staffing agencies, stadiums, promotional companies, and retailers, to source, schedule, manage and pay gig workers.

For businesses: the Ubeya platform helps companies find and manage their hourly staff. The platform will match the staffing needs to workers’ profiles with the right skills and availability.

For employees: Ubeya gives hourly workers the ability to stay connected with employers and agencies and stay looped in about new jobs that match their skills. The platform helps individual workers with a fair, easy, and convenient way to interact with companies.

For agencies: recruitment and staffing agencies use Ubeya platform to streamline how they manage, pay, and communicate with their pool of available staff. The platform helps agencies digitize processes such as booking, scheduling and updating staff, optimizing operational speed and performance, and connecting them to relevant jobs in their area.

“Gig workers are increasingly important to every business and Ubeya has built an innovative and simple platform to manage, communicate with, and ultimately engage this growing part of the labor market,” said Heidi Spirgi, Cornerstone’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer.

Omri Dekalo, CEO of Ubeya, said: “Ubeya connects the dots for an ecosystem which is full of challenges such as seasonality, high turnover or lack of information about staff skills. It is amazing to see our clients smoothly running the entire staffing operation on our platform, but what makes us most excited is helping thousands of people find great work opportunities.”