Wemlo Introduces AI To Mortgage Processing

Wemlo Introduces AI To Mortgage Processing

by NeoTech Post

wemlo, a technology-focused mortgage loan processing startup, has launched Athena. Athena is a virtual assistant AI technology developed to empower and improve loan processing by identifying discrepancies within the mortgage loan application, including document verification based on loan type to mitigate conditions.

“By helping to identify potential issues within the 1003 mortgage application before it is sent to lender underwriting, Athena increases efficiency for the mortgage loan originator and processor, creating a systemic approach to make sure the 1003 is full and complete and a good file is created,” said David Rogove, a wemlo co-founder. “And the cleaner the file, the less chance of lender delays.”

 “As Athena evolves with additional automated activities, she will help make mortgage loan originators who use the wemlo platform more effective and increase speed for clear to close, which in turn, may assist them in growing their business,” added wemlo co-founder Steven Gelley.

Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay