Single Cell Genome Sequencing Company BioSkryb Raises $11.5 Million In Seed Funding

Single Cell Genome Sequencing Company BioSkryb Raises $11.5 Million In Seed Funding

by NeoTech Post

BioSkryb, a developer of genomic amplification technologies that deliver higher coverage and fidelity for gene sequencing, raised $11.5 million in new seed funding. 

Venture capital firm Anzu Partners led the funding round, with participation from law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. 

According to the company, the new funding will accelerate the product roadmap and its commercialization efforts to enable enhanced levels of genomic and transcriptomic analyses for translational research and clinical diagnostics. 

The BioSkryb genomic amplification technology allows scientists working with scarce genetic material to achieve high-quality gene sequencing data. The technology provides uniform coverage of almost the entire genome, allowing for unparalleled accuracy in DNA variant calling. The technology will support a new wave of single cell and low DNA input genomics applications in diverse areas of life sciences research, including cancer biology, microbiology, and genetics.

“Bringing the study of genetics down to the cellular level will lead to unexpected discoveries about normal biology, as well as human diseases such as cancer,” said Charles Gawad, MD/Ph.D., cofounder of BioSkryb and physician-scientist at Stanford University. 

“The challenge has been that the data quality produced from existing genome amplification methods is insufficient to perform these types of studies. BioSkryb’s new, much more accurate genome amplification technology solves this problem and will accelerate our understanding of human and bacterial genetics, and ultimately, be used to develop single-cell diagnostics for oncology and other areas of medicine.”

Image Credit: BioSkryb