Sensel Closes $28 Million Series A Financing Round

Sensel Raises $28 Million In Series A Funding

by NeoTech Post

Sensel, the company building the next wave of touch interfaces with PressureGrid technology, closed its Series A funding round of $28 million. 

Investors include Susquehanna International Group (SIG), Morningside Group, SMiT, Palm Commerce Holdings, Chariot Gold, SV Tech Ventures, and Innolinks Ventures. 

Sensel has raised over $38 million to date. The company’s existing investors include Green City Ventures Limited, fund, Waterwood Growth Technology, Stanford-StartX Fund, Inventec Corporation, CRCM Ventures, and Tuesday Capital.

The company plans to use the new to expand its production, customer support, and supply chain capabilities as it works with multiple riginal equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate its technology into next-generation mobile phones, notebooks, and more. The new funds will also allow the company to continue supporting the Morph, a tablet-sized pressure sensor with swappable interface overlays.

Sensel’s patented touch technology offers two functions in a single, ultra-thin sensor: position reporting with high accuracy, and force sensing with the ability to measure force from 1g to 5kg independently for each contact point. It responds to any object (styli, paintbrushes, fingernails), works in virtually any environment (underwater, with heavy gloves), and enables new form factors (foldable, flexible). It can be integrated behind a flexible AMOLED display, a non-display touchpad, steering wheel, or any surface area where a high-resolution force sensing experience is desired.

“Whether it’s by replacing mechanical buttons on mobile devices with force sensing multi-touch and haptics, bringing force-based sensing capabilities to notebook trackpads, or enabling touch functionality on wearables to work underwater or with gloves, Sensel is driving the next generation of user interfaces,” said SIG Managing Director Joan Wang, who will be joining the company’s board of directors. 

“We believe Sensel’s high resolution and cost effective touch sensing solution will create a new era of innovations in human machine interfaces across industries, from gaming, to robotics, industrial machinery, and medical equipment. SIG has witnessed not only the exciting development of Sensel technology, but also progress in the team’s management and maturity over the past 3 years. We are glad to join the other investors as Sensel enters a new phase of its business.”

Image Credit: Sensel