Security Management Platform DisruptOps Raises $9 Million In Series A Funding

Security Management Platform DisruptOps Raises $9 Million In Series A Funding

by NeoTech Post

DisruptOps, a cloud security management platform that helps companies identify security issues and take remediation actions within minutes of deployment, raised $9 million in Series A funding from Drive Capital and existing investor Rally Ventures.

The company plans to use the new funds to scale go-to-market capabilities and accelerate product development to meet growing market demands.

Global organizations are rapidly expanding into the cloud and while the cloud can lead to amazing business outcomes of increased agility, cost savings, flexibility, and innovation, the reality is that cloud at scale breaks security. These cloud environments consist of multiple teams deploying hundreds of applications across various cloud accounts. This complexity leads to unmanaged risk and has led Gartner to predict that over 99% of all cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.

As DevOps and application teams build and operate autonomous infrastructure environments, a new security operations model is needed. 

The DisruptOps platform addresses this challenge with distributed security operations – delivering security actions at the right time to the right team, giving them the power to decide and act. The platform deploys in minutes and immediately enforces cloud security practices.

“As today’s cloud-enabled businesses continue to increase adoption of cloud computing, security struggles to keep pace with the volume of security events and the coordination of the many teams involved in the response,” said Jody Brazil, CEO of DisruptOps. “Our cloud-native platform is designed to ensure that organizations can take action quickly and effectively when identifying misconfigurations and threats. We’re excited to partner with Drive Capital and our existing investors to secure every company in the cloud.” 

“DisruptOps sits at the center of three technology mega-trends: Cloud, Security, and Automation. Enterprises are now experiencing the challenges of scaling their cloud security operations,” said Andy Jenks, Partner at Drive Capital. “The ability for organizations to remediate cloud issues and quickly respond to attacks will completely change how these companies secure their cloud.” 

Image Credit: DisruptOps