Salesforce Introduces Workflow Automation Platform

Salesforce Introduces Workflow Automation Platform

by NeoTech Post

Salesforce, a customer relationship management software provider, introduced Einstein Automate – an end-to-end workflow automation solution that empowers people and businesses to be more productive. 

Einstein Automate delivers automation capabilities designed for every business function and industry that enable anyone in a company to build intelligent workflows and integrate data across any system with clicks, not code.

“Our ultimate goal is to expedite the digital transformation of our customers so they can better manage energy efficiency and aid the global energy transition to carbon neutrality,” said Marc Lallemand, CIO, Engie Belgium. 

“Using Salesforce’s pre-built resources and libraries of best practices, we’ve dramatically cut down the time needed to go digital, which allows for better customer experiences as we can easily automate tasks using industry-specific workflows.”

Image Credit: Salesforce