Restaurant Intelligence Startup Yumpingo Raises $10 Million In Series A Funding

Restaurant Intelligence Startup Yumpingo Raises $10 Million In Series A Funding

by NeoTech Post

Yumpingo, a restaurant intelligence platform, raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by London-based VC – Smedvig Capital. 

Keith Taylor (CFO of Equinix), Mike Ryan (CEO of Bullet Point Network), David Cantu (Co-founder of HotSchedules) also participated in the funding round. As part of the investment, Keith Taylor and Mike Ryan will be joining the Yumpingo board. 

The company plans to use the new funds to scale and further innovate its one-minute instant review platform, launch Yumpingo Pay, a new pay-at-table platform, and expand its sales and operations internationally. 

The Yumpingo platform collects data at the end of a meal when the check is presented via a one-minute survey on operator-branded hardware or through a diner’s smartphone. The data is then distilled down into meaningful insights that provide management (at site, regional and corporate levels) with the visibility to make informed decisions about how best to optimize the guest experience at the menu item, service, site, menu, or concept level.

The platform integrates seamlessly with a restaurant’s POS (point-of-sale) to facilitate data that impacts operations, new product development, and marketing for some of the largest restaurant groups, including YO!, California Pizza Kitchen, John Lewis, and Wahaca. Reviews are facilitated tableside with digital/paper bills or through an SDK for distribution across any device. Yumpingo recently launched their Everywhere solution for delivery, To Go, catering, and QSR/LSR, which invites reviews using a QR code.

According to Joe Knowles, Principal at Smedvig Capital: “Yumpingo’s unique instant review platform helps restaurants gather valuable real-time insights into their customers in an ever-competitive and customer-centric industry.”