RelayiQ Launches New Hyperautomation Platform

RelayiQ Launches New Hyperautomation Platform

by NeoTech Post

RelayiQ, a no-code hyperautomation platform, revealed its new Action Delivery Engine (ADE), designed to simplify and expand the use of hyperautomation applications in organizational decision making.

“The traditional enterprise relationship with data is broken. Dashboards and reporting are not enough, and organizations are struggling with how to move beyond this traditional paradigm. RelayiQ fills the glaring gap between AI aspiration and AI realization. Our unique, consumer-like platform massively simplifies the experience of building, deploying, and distributing AI-powered, hyperautomation applications to your workforce,” said Brian Borack, General Manager, RelayiQ.

RelayiQ creates a new paradigm by automating data-driven actions and acting as a nexus, or orchestration hub, for the many analytics and automation tools that organizations have invested to date. This pivot from “showing” to “doing” and from “pictures” to “actions” empowers employees to become more efficient and effective in their daily work, in real-time. RelayiQ’s approach to hyperautomation solves the big problem that exists around the lack of adoption of data and automation to drive intelligent decision making within organizations.

RelayiQ also announced the integration with Yolk, an Astreya affiliate. Yolk’s combination of virtual support assistants, no-code automation, and machine learning-powered knowledge management provides an important automation enhancement to the RelayiQ ADE platform.

Image Credit: RelayiQ