Qualtrics Launches New Integration To Help Healthcare Providers Deliver Personalized Patient Experiences

Qualtrics Launches New Integration To Help Healthcare Providers Deliver Personalized Patient Experiences

by NeoTech Post

Qualtrics, a customer experience and creator of the experience management (XM) category, launched Health Connect, an automated integration connecting Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems directly to the Qualtrics XM Platform to help healthcare organizations improve the patient experience. 

The new integration gives healthcare providers an easy way to customize outreach to patients and deliver more personalized care at scale. 

According to the company, healthcare providers spend significant time interfacing with EMRs to access patient information, including medical history, test results, and notes from a visit or encounter. But EMRs don’t include critical insights about the patient experience, such as how a patient feels about the interactions they’ve had with their caregivers or their treatment plan.  

Qualtrics Health Connect is an HL7 integration that securely connects the XM Platform to EMR systems, like Epic, Cerner, and more, allowing providers to automatically trigger outreach based on a patient’s demographics, clinical condition, or provider. By giving care teams unique insights into every patient, they can deliver a more personalized experience.

Qualtrics Health Connect brings patient feedback gathered from questionnaires distributed through email, QR Code, SMS, or mobile apps directly into an individual patient record for a more complete view of each patient. For example, feedback from an oncology patient and their sensitivity to certain room conditions can be added to a patient record, prompting the caregiver to be more sensitive or responsive to the patient’s needs. 

“Greater interoperability between experience data and EMR operational data will empower clinicians to deliver more personalized and compassionate care to every patient,” said Patty Riskind, Head of Global Healthcare, Qualtrics. “With Health Connect, healthcare providers can customize and personalize outreach to patients, gaining unique and relevant insights about individual care experiences.”

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay