Prodoscore Closes Series A Funding Round Led By Troy Carter

by NeoTech Post
Prodoscore Closes Series A Funding Round Led By Troy Carter

Prodoscore, an employee visibility software platform, closed a Series A funding round led by serial entrepreneur and venture capital investor Troy Carter. 

The early-stage investor in Uber, Lyft, Dropbox, Spotify, Warby Parker, and Slack also participated in the round. The funding will go toward sales and product development as the company moves into a rapid growth phase to meet heightened demand for its solution in the wake of the sudden and widespread move to remote workforces brought about by COVID-19. 

Prodoscore’s software facilitates management of employees both in-office and remote, delivering powerful business intelligence and offering deep insights into employee productivity through one simple score. The tool helps companies measure, understand and improve employee productivity across the entire organization.

The company’s technology leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to help user organizations discover future profitability opportunities through Actionable Analytics that remove the guesswork from the management of remote or in-office teams. 

Prodoscore measures thousands of daily activity points across business applications that sales teams use each day (including customer relationship management platforms, office applications like Google Cloud apps and Microsoft Office365, and communications tools) to keep sales leadership better informed and better prepared. 

According to Prodoscore, its employee visibility platform is used by 30,000 people worldwide.

“Prodoscore is all about helping companies maximize the profit potential of their teams, and it represents the right technology at the right time,” said Sam Naficy, CEO of Prodoscore. 

“We are truly excited to be partnering with Troy. He’s proven to be an incredibly successful VC and entrepreneur who has a keen eye for what works when it comes to technology. His investment and confidence in our company will help us prepare for our next phase of rapid growth, and we’re looking forward to building our team and product to meet the immense marketplace need.”

Image Credit: Prodoscore