Onna Raises $27 Million For Knowledge Integration Platform

Onna Raises $27 Million For Knowledge Integration Platform

by NeoTech Post

Onna, a cloud-based knowledge integration platform, raised $27 million in a Series B funding round. Atomico led the round with participation from Glynn Capital.

Existing investors Dawn Capital, Nauta Capital, and Slack Fund all invested in this latest round. As part of this investment, Atomico’s Ben Blume will join the company’s board.

The company plans to use the latest funds to grow its engineering, product, and partnerships teams to further develop its ecosystem of integrations and applications. 

Onna integrates all workplace knowledge-based apps together, from communication to storage and HR platforms, allowing companies large and small to unify, search, protect, automate and build on top of their proprietary knowledge in a way not previously possible.

Salim Elkhou, Founder & CEO of Onna said: “Companies now rely on a host of powerful apps, from Salesforce to Google Suite. But the popularity of apps means more knowledge is being siloed and fragmented. Imagine how powerful it would be – not just from a risk and compliance standpoint, but from an insights and efficiency standpoint – if CIOs and employees were able to bring that knowledge together. That’s our mission at Onna: to make the totality of a company’s proprietary knowledge accessible, useful and secure. In other words, we’re not just helping companies find a needle in the haystack; we help them put the haystack together.”

Companies today use an average of 88 different apps to power their workforce, a 21% increase from just three years ago.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay