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Twitter lets you edit tweets 5 times

by Babu Patil
Twitter lets you edit tweets 5 times

Twitter announced a much-anticipated feature last week — the ability to edit tweets. Users will be able to edit their tweets for up to 30 minutes after posting. The tool will be available first to users who pay for the Twitter Blue subscription, but it won’t be rolled out to all paid users.

This limit seems sufficient for correcting typos, uploading media files, or adding tags.

The social media company told TechCrunch that it’s observing user behavior and that the number of edits could change.

Edit tweet will first be available to Twitter Blue subscribers, but not all paid users. New Zealand subscribers will get the feature first and later be implemented in Australia, Canada, and the US. So subscribers in these three countries might have to wait a bit longer and use the service without the marquee feature.

Following the company’s announcement, experts speculated that the edit button could be used to spread political misinformation or cryptocurrency scams. These instances will emerge once more people regularly use the feature. It’s too early to tell if the feature will become a menace or a way to fix typos. The social network’s security practices, spam-account-catching methods, and CSAM detection have come under fire in recent months....

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