Medi24 Launches Symptom Assessment Tool In Partnership With Sensely

Medi24 Launches Symptom Assessment Tool In Partnership With Sensely

by NeoTech Post

Bern based telemedicine specialist Medi24, a subsidiary of Allianz Partners, announced another offering to its growing collection of digital access tools, complementing and extending its core telemedicine service. 

The new offering enables Medi24 to offer its members a reliable, safe, and secure symptom triage function, which is a key to meeting the needs of emerging consumer preferences while also driving efficient utilization of the health care system.

The symptom triage tool deploys a conversational AI chat function featuring a unique character-based interface designed by Sensely, a digital health company based in Silicon Valley. The user can also elect to have the character speak, adding a degree of unmatched realism and empathy. The underlying symptom triage algorithms come from Mayo Clinic. The service has been fully localized and launched in German, French, Italian, and English.

Medi24 and Sensely previously collaborated on a COVID-19 symptom checker that featured a “no-code” architecture that allowed for a rapid deployment to meet the acute need posed by COVID-19. A short video about this collaboration can be viewed here. In addition to the symptom checker, this tool offered users direct access to a variety of public online resources, such as travel advice and self-isolation advice.

“We’re delighted to be able to bring a comprehensive symptom triage tool to the market,” commented Lebrecht Gerber, CEO of Medi24. “This capability perfectly complements our existing services, expands capacity and access without sacrificing quality, and strongly reflects our strategic intent to make targeted investments in additional patient channels for digital access to care.”

Image Credit: Medi24