FarmVisionAI Releases Mobile App For In-field Artificial Intelligence

FarmVisionAI Releases Mobile App For In-field Artificial Intelligence

by NeoTech Post

FarmVisionAI, an agriculture AI company, announced the release of its mobile app designed to engage growers in-field with vision AI stress detections. 

The mobile app brings FarmVisionAI’s horticulturist trained AI to a smartphone platform that can be used while scouting plants and walking the farm. Location specific information allows the grower and FarmVisionAI to validate detections and supplement imagery with close-up pictures taken with the phone’s camera. 

The grower’s pictures are geo-tagged to the location and show up in the desktop application that displays the grow in a “google-earth” like visualization. Notes, recommendations, and actions can be added to the imagery to add value and highlight what is happening in the grow and what needs to be done.

“The FarmVisionAI mobile app is a critical piece of functionality that bridges the gap between growers and operators,” said Jeff Bisberg, Illumitex CEO. “Our real-time imagery is the ground truth and provides transparency that can cut through communication barriers and finger pointing.”

Image Credit: FarmVisionAI