Edge AI Startup Anagog Raises $10 Million In Series C Funding

Edge AI Startup Anagog Raises $10 Million In Series C Funding

by NeoTech Post

Anagog, which provides personalized, contextual services and experiences to their customers by converting smartphone sensor data into insights (e.g., consumer behavior, lifestyle, journey, and predictions) in real-time, raised an initial $10 million in Series C funding.

The funding round was co-led by IN Venture and MizMaa with participation from Continental.

The company plans to use the latest funds to support its global sales and delivery capabilities and the core R&D team – including several new product innovations that will be launched in the coming months. 

Anagog is reinventing real-world personalization. As a pioneer of edge-AI, Anagog utilizes its JedAI suite of products to enable mobile phones to understand users’ real-world behaviors (micro-segments) and real-time context (micro-moments). Its patented privacy-by-design approach allows the phone to pull hyper-personalized and contextualized offerings from the marketer’s cloud without disclosing the user’s personal data. Accordingly, companies can craft the most personal customer experience for each individual customer and significantly increase engagement.

Ofer Tziperman, CEO of Anagog, said: “Especially during this global, challenging period, we continue to revolutionize the way companies understand their customers and deliver hyper-personalized experiences based on physical world behavior.”

“The new investment will play a significant role in enhancing our capabilities and future technology offerings. It will help us address the increasing demand for better personalization capabilities and position Anagog as the leader in ‘edge-AI.’ With our investors’ support; we will change the way companies reach, connect with and create meaningful relationships with consumers around the world, providing them with seamless customer experiences and bulletproof privacy.”

Image Credit: Anagog