Capital Launches AI-Based Portfolio Analytics Tool For Private Market Investors

Capital Launches AI-Based Portfolio Analytics Tool For Private Market Investors

by NeoTech Post

Capital, a non-dilutive financing provider, announced the launch of a new tool for private investors called Portfolio Analytics.

The tool shows investors how non-dilutive capital improves their fund returns and facilitates direct financings for eligible companies. It also provides the ability to benchmark companies on a fundamental basis and replaces manual company updates as a modern alternative to legacy portfolio management tools. According to the company, the Portfolio Analytics tool is free for any VC firm, private equity firm, or other private market investor onboarding up to 10 active investments.

“Portfolio Analytics is a giant leap forward for investors and their portfolio companies,” said Blair Silverberg, CEO of Capital. “Growth company founders and their investors lose 10% of their share value EACH YEAR through dilution caused by follow-on equity rounds. Never before has it been possible to continuously scan your entire portfolio for opportunities to avoid dilution and directly facilitate financings.”

The Portfolio Analytics tool runs on Capital’s AI-based platform, the Intelligent Credit Market, which helps companies and investors make better decisions about capital allocation and fundraising. The tool connects to more than 70 systems of record to automate the collection of business performance data to make clear how new economy companies, which are capital light but intangible asset heavy, create value.

In addition to systematically avoiding portfolio dilution, private market investors can use Portfolio Analytics to pre-empt growth rounds and better allocate time to the companies that need them most. Over 250 of the top global balance sheet institutions ranging from banks to family offices and sovereign wealth funds are using Capital to navigate the private markets.

“Capital is on a mission to make capital access more transparent and data-driven, in ways that benefit company founders and investors,” said Mark Terbeek, a partner at Greycroft, one of the early investors that has backed Capital. “We believe that this new Portfolio Analytics tool is going to fundamentally alter the math behind private company investments while also giving investors more opportunities to add value to their portfolio companies.”

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay