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Harmonic Discovery launches with $8 million seed funding

by Babu Patil
Harmonic Discovery launches with $8 million seed funding

Harmonic Discovery, a therapeutics company, raised $8 million in seed funding. Innovation Endeavors led the round with participation from Fifty Years, Y Combinator, Boom Capital, Caffeinated Capital, and select angel investors. 

As part of the deal, Joel Dudley, Partner at Innovation Endeavors, joins the company’s board of members.

Harmonic Discovery plans to use the new funds to advance its drug discovery platform and pipeline by expanding its leadership team, building proprietary chemical libraries, and scaling its laboratory operations.

Founded in 2021, New York City-based therapeutics company Harmonic Discovery is building an integrated computational and experimental platform for kinase drug discovery and targeted polypharmacology. The company’s platform leverages multiple layers of kinase biology to design safer and more effective kinase therapeutics.

“There is an enormous opportunity to create safer and more effective drugs. We passionately believe that our unified approach to kinase drug discovery will be the first step in unlocking completely new ways to treat diseases. We’re thrilled to have Joel and the team at Innovation Endeavors on board to help us embrace our vision for the future of therapeutics,” said Rayees Rahman, CEO and co-founder of Harmonic Discovery.

“The co-founders at Harmonic Discovery have exceptional and complementary expertise across machine learning, medicinal chemistry, and biotechnology business development to address the untapped potential of kinase drugs. The strength of their computational platform and methodology is a breakthrough in the industry. Their machine learning models and computational approaches are exact and have been validated experimentally,” said Joel Dudley, Partner at Innovation Endeavors. ...

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