BayCare Harnesses Alexa Technology For Better Patient Experience

BayCare Harnesses Alexa Technology For Better Patient Experience

by NeoTech Post

BayCare, a not-for-profit healthcare system, is utilizing Aiva technology in 2,500 hospital rooms across 14 Tampa Bay-area hospitals. Patients will experience smart rooms that allow them to connect with their care team and control devices like the television – all hands-free.

The technology is now being deployed at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North in Lutz before being implemented system-wide by BayCare into other hospitals. BayCare hopes to have the technology in place across its entire system by the end of 2021.

BayCare uses a healthcare-specific platform known as Aiva to handle patient requests. Requests are immediately sent to the correct support person based on what a patient tells Aiva via an Alexa device installed in their room. The care team member receives the request on their BayCare iPhone specifically deployed for communications.

“The patient can simply ask Alexa for things they need like a blanket or a glass of water,” said Craig Anderson, BayCare director of innovation. “Aiva interprets all those requests and sends it to right person. It is a seamless connection between the patient and their care team.”

The technology was piloted at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa and Winter Haven Hospital in 2019 before being put in use at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North in late 2020. Patients were highly satisfied with the Aiva technology in surveys during the pilot, Anderson said.

“Millions of Americans use voice assistants for comfort and convenience at home,” said St. Joseph’s Hospital-North president Tom Garthwaite. “Bringing this technology to the hospital room will help many people feel more comfortable, which ultimately supports their recovery.”

Currently, Aiva also enables patients to control the hospital room television via Alexa. With a simple voice request, patients can request a particular television channel and control the volume.

“We’re excited to partner with BayCare,” said Sumeet Bhatia, founder and CEO of Aiva. “We’ve always felt that the best health care technology does its work in the background, giving clinicians more freedom and patients more control.”