Application Error Monitoring Platform Airbrake Raises $11 Million In Funding

Application Error Monitoring Platform Airbrake Raises $11 Million In Funding

by NeoTech Post

Airbrake, an application performance and code-level error monitoring software platform, raised $11 million in a financing round led by Elsewhere Partners.

Shelley Perry, Executive Chairman of Airbrake, said: “This investment allows Airbrake to focus on value-led growth, which includes increasing customer feedback, building community, and investing in partnerships within the CI/CD ecosystem.”

The Airbrake full-stack application monitoring platform helps engineering teams build and deploy software at a larger volume. The company offers a real-time error monitoring platform for the end-to-end application stack, improving the efficiency of continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD). The platform fits seamlessly within the existing workflow, integrating with Slack, JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, and other popular productivity tools.

Thousands of companies use the Airbrake  platform to handle hundreds of millions of errors every month. This includes the leading streaming entertainment services, digital home security monitoring, and customer service and engagement platforms.

Several senior-level software company veterans have joined Airbrake to expand the go-to-market strategy and product roadmap. The expanded executive team includes:

Shelley Perry, Executive Chairman (Insight Partners, NTT, HP, TicketMaster); Treb Ryan, CEO (Dimension Data, OpSource); Eric Anderson, CTO (CopperEgg, Oracle, StackEngine); Chad Savoy, CRO (Datadog, SolarWinds); and Joe Godfrey, CPO (Amazon, Ancestry). The team plans to focus on increasing value to the developer community and helping businesses accelerate digital transformation.