Altoros Releases Alerta AI-Based COVID-19 Safety Platform

Altoros Releases Alerta AI-Based COVID-19 Safety Platform

by NeoTech Post

Altoros, a professional IT consulting firm, announced the release of the Alarta safety platform. 

Designed to help businesses comply with the COVID-19 protocols imposed by the World Health Organization, the system provides innovative tools for resuming operations and enabling transparency of protection procedures. The product safeguards both guests and employees by mass-screening the temperature of individuals, tracing contacts with infected persons, monitoring mask wearing, as well as automating disinfection routines and reports.

“The platform can serve offices, hotels, factories, and other hospitality or industrial facilities,” said Kirill Artsymenia, Alarta’s Product Manager. “With real-time reports and QR codes, it gives a 360-degree view of disinfection status within a location for everyone in a building, including tourists, workers, and administration.”

Despite the spread of mobile technologies and digital transformation, many traditional operations in hospitality are still paper-based. You can find printed-out cleaning schedules even in luxury hotels. The release of Alarta caters to this.

By attaching QR codes to lodging doors and entrances of dining areas or conference rooms, hotel owners can use the Manual Cleaning module to streamline disinfection.

Building managers can assign cleaning tasks and monitor the status of disinfection across the rooms or the whole location. Cleaners can scan QR codes to receive disinfection tasks and check off the completed ones. Guests can scan the QR codes to get detailed reports about how and when the room was last disinfected, as well as what is the level of health safety in a building.

“Using mobile technologies and QR codes can help to ensure the safety of facility visitors,” noted Kirill Artsymenia. “Many hotels do quite well with coronavirus protection, but no one is aware of this. Alarta aims to change the situation, helping both businesses and their customers feel safe.”

Image Credit: Altoros