Adapdix Announces SoftBank Funding For Next-Generation Edge AI Platform

Adapdix Announces SoftBank Funding For Next-Generation Edge AI Platform

by NeoTech Post

Adapdix Corporation, a software platform for enterprises that optimizes artificial intelligence and machine learning at the edge, received an undisclosed amount of funding from SoftBank’s Opportunity Fund.

Including the latest funding round, Adapdix Corporation has raised $10 million to date. The company plans to use the new funds to build the next-generation artificial intelligence platform for the edge, enabling real-time predictive analytics and maintenance for enterprises. 

Chad Harris, an investor from SoftBank’s Opportunity Fund, said, “We are excited to support Adapdix in its AI innovations and to participate in its development of new solutions for the edge – we believe the result will be a real game-changer. The SB Opportunity Fund is investing at this early stage because we recognize the differentiation of Adapdix’ technologies and believe that it has the potential to become the leader in the fast-growing edge AI market.”

Adapdix’ EdgeOps is a software-only solution that combines advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics with a distributed, edge-based architecture. By enabling control where the AI data is, at the edge, Adapdix helps to increase model accuracy, reduce network cost and congestion, and cut latency.

As the first predictive analytics solution based on an industrial-grade data mesh technology, Adapdix enables ultra-low-latency, predictive maintenance and control. Adapdix’ EdgeOps will initially focus on serving manufacturing companies in the semiconductor, electronics, and automotive sectors, with more industries planned for the future.

Image Credit: Adapdix