60Hertz Raises Seed Funding From Factor[e] Ventures

60Hertz Raises Seed Funding From Factor[e] Ventures

by NeoTech Post

60Hertz, the maintenance management software platform designed specifically for people managing remote energy assets such as microgrids, received an undisclosed amount of seed funding from impact investing firm – Impact Investor Factor[e] Ventures.

The 60Hertz platform connects remote operators to a peer network, provides in-app training for upskilling on the job, and assists with change management.

“Better maintenance is one of the most critical – but overlooked – ways to address energy poverty,” said Piper Wilder, CEO of 60Hertz. “And 60Hertz and Factor[e] are perfectly aligned in our interest to serve the global microgrid market and improve the lives of the rural and indigenous people who are important stakeholders in this industry.”

The 60Hertz platform was piloted in 15 rural villages in Alaska last year and is now commercially deployed in 28 locations across the state. 

Dr. Morgan DeFoort, Managing Principal at Factor[e] Ventures, said, “60Hertz complements our portfolio of technology companies focused on reducing the cost of not only building microgrids but operating and maintaining them as well. We believe the lessons learned from deploying the platform on remote sites in Alaska can inform the approach to bring the technology to the emerging markets.”

Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay